Low Budget Small House Designs

We all dream of a house, which we see on the magazine cover page. Everyone wants to make a house with all the luxuries and benefits, well-furnished and beautifully elevated, to make their soul and heart happy. Often budget comes in between our dream accomplishment.

One must understand that the front elevation designs of a small house is equally important as the interior in many ways. It makes the view of the house building attractive, appealing and beautiful and also adds to its environmental and commercial value. Therefore, if you have budget issues with the interiors, external house design can be an affordable and better option to make your house look beautiful and attractive.

Dreamhouse makerz gives you a bunch of ideas to innovatively design your home in a low budget or affordable way focusing on housing elevation designs. These are some easy and affordable ways to reframe your exteriors and add value to your house.

Our experts follow the rule of learning and studying the concepts of past exterior house elevation design and then switch their ideas into an innovative and trendy one. This reduces the risks of failure and enhances the beauty of your house, with latest trends and modesty.

We also focus on the cost-efficient ways to design your dream, as we understand that a dream is important to be created in reality and budget should not hinder anyone’s thought to become a reality.


The designers and the architects mainly focus on understanding the concept of the small front elevation requirement of the client. It is important to know if the client wants to design the complete structure in an iconic pattern focusing on the formation of the home, or if they are mainly focused on their front elevation designs for their aesthetic appeal. Both the assignments mainly need a unique, modest and affordable front elevation design approach.

As it is important to look for modern, innovative, and fresh commercial and housing elevation design ideas, one must also understand the basic concepts and rules of designing and construction.

  • Have equity in your small house elevation designs:

This is one of the most important factors that all architects and builders must keep in mind as it is a necessary requirement to create symmetry and balance in a well-designed building elevation design. The concept of equity is not in trend anymore but it is still necessary to have asymmetry in your modern small house design to develop a sense of coordination and balance in the visibility of your house.

Most of the architects have changed their ways of designing their small modern house and started going for new approaches to create a balance between trend and equity in low budget. They have created ways that are pleasing to the viewer’s eyes too and are also trendy. They started changing colour combinations in such a way that they are new, trendy and pleasing and also creates a sense of coordination in your eyes, which results in an appealing and beautiful modern house look. For example, rich heavy colour on the elevation can balance small objects with light colour saturation.

  • Harmony among the elements of modern small elevation designs:

This is also one of the important concepts, on which the architectures and designers need to focus. Maintaining harmony and consistency in all the elements of the building elevation designs is a must. Unity and uniformity are the two important ‘U’s of the front elevation designs seem one and whole instead of parts. 

  • Proper management of the drainage and water pipelines in planning the elevation designs for modern small house:

Drainage and water pipelines are important to be managed and planned properly, to avoid issues in the long run. It also helps you to reduce the chance of major household issue and also is important to keep your elevation attractive. Well designed and well-planned elevation is the correct approach for the management of this issue. Deep insight and knowledge before standing up the building is an optimum way to the normal house front elevation designs and reduce certain common issues.

  • Welcome sunlight through the front of the housing elevation designs:

Sunlight is a natural source of light. It helps to fight against various bacteria and dreadful diseases which could enter your house because of enormous reasons. It is also important as it cuts down the maintenance cost, and is a convenient way in low budgets. Planning the front elevation design of your house must ensure the entry of natural light. Technically also, it reduces the energy cost by a minimum of 30%; thus, maintaining a green and eco-friendly environment. 


The good elevation design of your small house must be a fusion of sustainability and modernism. It should also be budget-friendly and be properly planed and protected. Changing trends in modern elevation designs, focus on the good breathing space of your building and is also beneficial for the environment.

Designers and house owners, nowadays target the greener view of their house, not only because it is pocket friendly but because they are aware of the environmental downfall and want to make their planet greener by taking the first step from their house. It also increases the pace of freshness and enlightenment in the house atmosphere too.

One of the biggest reasons for developing simple and normal house front elevation designs is to give an attractive impression to the people who visit and make them experience modesty with windy and greener atmospheric vibes. Therefore, the front elevation designs for house exteriors must be planned with a refreshing, joyful and distinctive look. Hence, there are some ideas for building elevation designs to restructure your building:

  • Front elevation designs for small houses

A well-planned and well-organised building elevation design can enhance the look of your house to another level. It enables the viewers to have an impressive and attractive impression in their minds. For small houses elevation in the budget, the elevation must be focused on the airy and open front designs. To plan the front elevation designs for small houses, one must ensure adequate space for balconies, windows, light, and ventilation entry. Moreover, various unique designs and variant colour options make it look even more attractive.

  • Elevation design single floor small house

The elevation design single floor should be designed to give an impressive overview with the use of plantation and lightings. It should be simple, empty (not having much of the obstacles) and have elite but sober elements in the exterior elevation design. It can also have glass walls for an unobstructed view. Simple and light colour with little punch of small area dark colour shades makes this house elevation design perfect.

  • Elevation designs 2 floors small house

The elevation designs for 2 floors building should be majorly focused on the architecture related to light and air. It should also include some beautiful sculptures, that are warm and pleasing and are not too fancy. The elevation must be simple but elite and cosy for the audience to enjoy and feel comfortable in watching it in sunlight and at night too. Artificial light plays an important role in this elevation design.

  • Elevation designs 3 floors building

It is solely dependent on the client’s dreams and imagination. The third floor is usually designed to satisfy the concept behind the storey. It gives meaning to the building through various sculptures or traditional paintings and carvings. But what majorly should be kept in mind is symmetry and alliance in all the three floors. Every floor should add value to the other and must be interrelated in terms of designs and colours. Above all, this front home elevation design for a 3-floor building adds up to the beauty of the unity of design. Furthermore, an architect must focus on the fusion of uniformity in design and colours, which makes every floor unique and individualistic in its ways.

  • Front house elevation design

Jali design, plantation, beautiful wall hanging lights, artificial lights, LED lights and unique designs with vibrant colour combinations makes the front house elevation looks ventilated, unique and attractive. Greenery never goes out of trend.

  • Bungalow elevation designs

Bungalow elevation design mainly has the same aspect of greenery and vibrant colour combinations. The colours of the house must be adjusted in such a way that it paints light and dark shades in both small and big architectural elements. This makes the bungalow look grand and enhance its ventilation value, which is useful for both the viewers and the house members.

Summing up

Few patterns, designs and colours never go out of trend when it comes to an elevation of small houses in low budget. Green technology is not only beneficial for the environment but also adds a huge value to your house. It is also budget-friendly and creates a good, ventilated and attractive impact on your house elevation.

Sustainable building elevation materials always remain in style and is pocket-friendly. It has been ages since people prefer to use sustainable materials as their architectural element.

Moreover, symmetry and uniformity in all the floors elevation and proper colour combinations are the key factors to keep in mind to create an outstanding impact on the audience.

These few ideas benefit you to create a memorable impact and a good living atmosphere for you and your family. For more ideas or any help, kindly contact us.

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