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An apartment is just not a roof to cover you up, but also a place to bring your dreams and aspirations into reality. It is a platform to enhance the real side of your being by remodelling your apartment design and it needs to be comfortable and satisfactory to your soul. Dream House Makerz, bring all your thoughts and aspirations about modern house plan into realness. We not only paint your imagination but also guide you with the latest trends to formulate your ‘ghar ka naksha’ and progressions in the arena.

Latest trends and modern house plans to modify your traditional house designs are required to innovate your space either 1000 feet house or 1500 feet house to the fullest. They should be cost effective and beautifully cover the blend of your expectation.

We suggest following home office design trends for your home and office makeover to upgrade your lifestyle.

Use Your Resources: In order to decorate small spaces in your home, you need not buy any new or bulky furniture. You can easily go for a chair as a side table and put wall sconces to use your surface space. A bright color can also help you to set a happy and cheerful mood in a tiny room.

Layer Coffee Tables: For small spaces, a pack of nesting tables is too small for your room but a super large or bulky coffee table is also a question of fear. In order to manage this dilemma, two streamlined coffee tables are the best option. This may take less space and also increase your ease when required.

Go for pocket doors: Pocket doors with glass windows are trending nowadays. They seem beautiful as they allow shared light to flow through space and also creates a separation of your room. And even better, they move into the wall when not in use, occupying much less area than swinging doors.

Build in Shelving: Whether you are creating or renovating your place with the latest tech and efficient upgrades, build-in shelves are always the best option. Build-in and/or floating shelves are mainly used for attractive decoration and a better storage zone. build the bottom shelf is also an attractive extra seating option for your room.

Display Artwork Strategically: Design your artwork in a way to trick the eye and expand or accentuate the roof of the room. This may expand the look of your room. An artwork gallery wall may be too much into a small space, but it can actually make the ceiling look expanded and large. Moreover, glossy paint of the ceiling can enhance your small space to look larger—and more glam.

Paint your walls white: Keep your space cheerful by painting your walls and ceilings all white. This will help your space to look bright and big. Large black-and-white artwork is also eye-appealing and enhances the grace of your place.

Make it multipurpose: When space is less, the only option is to get creative and innovative. You can try to make things multi-purpose and more useful in this case. For example, if you have no space for a separate living room, family room, and home office, combine each section into one space. This may multiply your efficiency and can solve your placing problem.

Let the light pour in: If your room welcomes sunlight, don’t block it out with dark curtains. Let the natural light brighten up your room and makes your space feel airier and more open. Even if you are not interested in lots of sunlight, choose lighter shades of curtains to maximize the light you can have. This will add charm and cheer to your room.

To get your house designed beautifully (Interior or external) with Dream House Makers, you need to forward just few steps. It is as easy as that!

• Visit and leave a query about your dream project. You will receive a call from the expert to understand your requirement. • After understanding your approach, Senior architects and experts will start planning your dream house. They will refine their work with maps and drawing as to make perfect and correct placements for your space. For beautiful results, they will also combine their skills and talents with luxury and comfort for your lifetime asset. • As soon as the design, samples and maps are ready, they will be sent to you via post. The finalized sample will now be assisted and again modified as per your aspirations and demands. • Lastly, the dedicated engineers will visit your site to ensure and analyse that the designed sample is structured correctly. This convenient method is now a boom in society as it is easily approachable, quick and is an open platform to put up all your insights into reality. Specially in this pandemic, this idea is a ray of benefits as it designs your dream house without meeting physically and still, you be in touch with your designers every time. It is also a wonderful experience to design your pie in the sky into reality and own it.

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